ALL our firewood is sold in Full Cord Quantity

1 Full Cord = 3 Face Cords

To order more than 4 full cords, or to deliver to an area outside our 100 km delivery zone please contact us for pricing.

Is the cut-n-split firewood “dry” or “ready to burn”?

No, the cut-n-split firewood is considered “green” and will require time to season.

What length is the cut-n-split firewood?

All cut-n-split firewood ordered online is approximately 16” in length. Ask us about custom lengths to suit your need.

Can I pick up my cut-n-split firewood with my own truck and trailer?

No, at this time we only offer delivery. 

Do you sell cut-n-split firewood by the face cord?

No, all our cut-n-split firewood is sold in full cord quantity.

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    Delivery Fees

    A delivery fee will be applied at checkout depending on the distance from our location, 1543 Doran Road, Petawawa, ON.

    These are approximate zones. Please use google maps with our address to estimate your zone. Zone fee will automatically be calculated at checkout.

    Zone 1

    0-25km from our location
    $25 Delivery Fee
    • Alice
    • Pembroke
    • Petawawa
    • Laurentian Valley

    Zone 2

    25-50km from our location
    $55 Delivery Fee
    • Deep River
    • Chalk River
    • Westmeath
    • Beachburg
    • Lapasse
    • Micksburg
    • Cobden
    • Eganville
    • Golden Lake
    • Round Lake
    • Bonnechere

    Zone 3

    50-75km from our location
    $95 Delivery Fee
    • Foresters Falls
    • Rolphton
    • Mackey
    • Stonecliffe
    • Lake Clear
    • Foymount
    • Killaloe
    • Wilno

    Zone 4

    75-100km from our location
    $135 Delivery Fee
    • Burnstown
    • Calabogie
    • Combermere
    • Palmer Rapids
    • Quadeville
    • Barrys Bay
    • Madawaska
    • Renfrew

    BTU Level Graph

    The Higher the BTU level, the more heat the firewood will produce. BTU or British Thermal Unit is the amount of energy required to heat one pound of liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit.

    BTUs are especially important during those cold winter nights when the outside temperatures can sink into negative digits and you need all the heat you can get out of your wood stove.


    Our Beech and Red Oak have the highest BTU rating.

    100% Beech

    27.5 BTU

    100% Red Oak

    24.6 BTU

    Mixed Hardwood

    75% Hard Maple 23.9 BTU.
    25% Beech (27.5 BTU), Soft Maple (19 BTU), Yellow Birch (21.8 BTU) & White Birch (20.2 BTU).

    Mixed Softwood

    95% White Pine (15.9 BTU).
    5% Red Pine (17.2 BTU), Jack Pine (17.1 BTU), and Spruce (14.5 BTU).